School Development Project, Uganda

Situated near the Town of Bweyale, in Kyriandongo District, Uganda, East Africa.

In the year 2009 the Coordinator of African Action International in Uganda, Pastor Sunday Sula Lasa, was invited to visit Australia. He shared at various churches the challenge of the vision God had recently given to him.

He mentioned that while up in the north of the country, in a place called Bweyale, God had challenged his heart regarding the plight of deaf children in that area. There is very little help for them and their families rarely educate them as most schools do not have the facilities or teaching staff to educate hearing impaired children.

He was moved to pray that the Lord would enable him to build a school in Bweyale to educate and care for these children, to provide them with future education and employment opportunities.

Sula spoke at a small church one Sunday morning and shared his vision.

The following Wednesday we received mail from a member of that church, and enclosed was a cheque for $20,000 from a lady who simply stated, “I want to build a school for the deaf children” that was the beginning of the development of the school at Bweyale that has continued up to today.


Fourteen acres of land was found on the outer edge of Bweyale, Uganda and was purchased by AAI in 2010. This was the first step toward the development of a primary school to cater for deaf and hearing children, many of whom live below the poverty line and have no possibility of continuing education. Now a seven class-room building 220’ long and 30’ wide is complete on this parcel of land. The land gently slopes downward from the road toward a natural waterway. The main street of the town can be seen on the next ridge. The initial building will house the Primary School. For many years deaf children have been educated in separate schools in isolation, but thankfully the Government policy has changed to allow deaf children to learn in school with hearing children. As a result the school will be fully integrated.

Bweyale is also in need of an integrated Secondary School to provide ongoing education to prepare them for Tertiary Education and Technical courses. This will come at a later stage as we see how the primary school develops.

Our aim is that the school will be as self supporting as possible and to this end we have committed to purchase another 17 acres of land adjoining the present property to be used for income generation through agricultural development and farming. Much more is to be accomplished to prepare the present building for use. Toilets will be constructed and facilities provided for teachers and students. Text Books and sports equipment are also on the list.

All this will be done through the generosity of AAI donors from Australia. We can do it!

A second building for Administration and Teachers is pending. So far 30,000 mud bricks have already been made toward these extra buildings.

We are thankful to announce that the 17 acres AAI committed to last October will be paid for in full by the end of May. Our grateful thanks to the donors of this finance.

We are thankful to the people both here and in Uganda who are supportive of this ongoing and worthwhile project.

John E. Leak. Co-Founder/Director. African Action Int. Inc.