Update on IDP Camp Development at Bweyale

Panyadol IDP Camp Development at Bweyale SACCO Micro Finance

By Gabriel Mutasa

There is a new development in the IDP (Internally displaced persons) Camp. Instead of buying needed items for distribution to the people in the camp from funds sent each month from AAI, in Australia; I have created a plan and begun a small micro lending scheme. I believe this will reduce inertia and be more productive and empowering to the people at the camp.

The result of my research is SACCO (SAVINGS AND CREDIT COOPERATIVE ORGANISATION). This Society puts money together for members to borrow from and pay back with some interest that is accumulated to grow the initial sum. Now IDP Camp people can borrow some money for business and pay back 3000 Uganda Shillings ($1.00) each week. I have appointed a lady to be in charge of this arrangement and to keep record of each transaction.

The lady incharge of the SAcco project giving a report recently

The lady in charge of the Sacco project giving a report

This has enabled most of the people in the camp to become productive. In the future they will be able to support themselves and their children. Some now buy food items and take them to the main market in Bweyale and are now effective in raising some income for their families. Others buy chickens, cook them and sell them at the market. The clinic nearby can now provide treatment to the people, since the clinic operator has also taken out a SACCO loan and is able to buy medicines where treatment is easily obtained.

The lives of these people are now vibrant and they continually extend their thanks to you.

Children and their mothers

Children and their mothers

A malnourished child at the Health Centre

A malnourished child at the Health Centre


NOTE: The food security program encourages local people to begin a garden no matter how small and to plant seedlings which Gabriel provides for them.

This is Gabriel’s Report.

I have opened up nursery beds for paw paws and have quite a lot of avocado seedlings now for the community. As you will see from the photos, the papaya is good yielding and tastes great. So many people around now have planted them in their homesteads. I have given out banana suckers to a number of community members and they are doing well. From my small garden at home in Magere I am able to get food daily for my family and others around us.

Thanks to you dad and mum and all the development partners in AUSSIE!! I am glad that you are well and continuing with the great commission. Bravo mum and dad.  We are very grateful for the work that you are doing.





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