Urgent request!

UPDATE!! The amount needed for the Mercy Home appeal for Beans and Maize has now been reached,
a big thank you to all who prayed and all who gave!

Dear friends,

There are times when urgent requests come to us from Africa due to the nature of the continent. Drought strikes and crops fail. This is the situation that Mercy Home in Kenya is facing. Feeding fifty active children every day and giving support to elderly widows and the staff is an ongoing challenge during drought. We have received a request for funds in order to purchase beans and maize to cover the homes feeding program until such time as food becomes readily available and new crops grow. This is an urgent request needing immediate response. Approximately Two thousand dollars is needed to buy bulk supplies before stores run low and prices go up. During a similar situation last year and we were able to send support and the children continued to be adequately fed. We trust that we can do it again this year. If you wish to contribute to this need, please mark your gift ‘KR’ = Kenya Relief.

Please advise if you require tax deductibility. You can be sure it will go to directly meet this need. You can deposit online or in person to this account

African Action International
Commonwealth Bank

BSB# 063530 ACC# 10286392

Thank you for your support.
John Leak, Public Officer for African Action International.


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