Fresh news from Uganda! 19th March 2013



AAI Co-ordinator in Uganda, Pastor Sunday Sula, has a passion to outreach with the message of the Gospel and for the training of Christian leaders. This ministry has continued over ten years and even now he has sent a report about the most recent event he has organised and conducted.

In an Outreach conducted a few months ago he and his team went into a new area resulting in much joy, hope and blessing for those who attended. 46 people responded to the Gospel message and were challenge to receive and follow the Lord. They organised for ongoing ministry to these people and have now established a local church with regular Sunday meetings which are well attended. We have found that when people are living in poverty they feel defeated, forgotten and powerless. When a localised church begins where they are welcomed, valued and supported it brings comfort and hope to them to begin to move forward.


A Leaders conference was recently held for three days. Seventy delegates attended. The teaching was on the theme of ‘The Person of the Holy Spirit’.  Another residential Leaders conference is to be held in Bweyale using AAI’s new school buildings, during the April school holidays, and which will mainly focus on the ‘Calling of God’ upon the individual.


Pr Sula is also leading the team at the Upward Academy in Bweyale.

The school was opened to an initial group of 29 students in February this year. A Principal and seven teachers are busy preparing and teaching lessons toward a greater intake of students in the second year. The aim is to provide top quality education within a framework of strong Christian values.


Sula has done the cooking of the ‘Posho’ (Maize porridge), providing the children with a lunch every day. Sula’s sister Harriet is assisting in the administration and payment of accounts. Much more finance is needed to assist this project to prosper. We thank God that He is in charge and He will do it!


We have had the joy of seeing children we have helped over the last twelve years grow into young adults and through their education and training are now leading successful lives. Each child has their own story of what the support and sponsorship through AAI has meant to them. We have many touching handwritten letters sent to us over the years.


Pastor Daniel Kageni has conveyed to us how the people in the Ugandan refugee camps feel about the support AAI is able to offer to them.

Gospel Hope Church members in Magere send clothing for adults and children from their own supplies which Pastor Dan takes with him when he visits the camps with funds from AAI to provide soap and other basic needs.


The Medical Clinic and mobile clinics run up north have deeply impacted many people’s lives. It has touched them to the point that they realize that God has heard their prayers and they turn to Him in thanksgiving.

Hundreds have received medical help through the clinic at Magere and the mobile clinics up North. We with Nurse Betty Sula are praying and believing for funds to include support for pregnant women in the form of a Birthing Unit. Many lives are lost through inadequate prenatal support and lack of birthing facilities. Betty believes many lives would be saved when we are able to equip the rooms we have put aside for this purpose.


Many lives are greatly improved through the building of clean water wells by AAI in four different villages so far. Many more to go.


There are many challenges and opportunities ahead of us in Kenya.

The many children who attend this school are housed in corrugated iron which is very hot or very chilly depending upon the weather. Our desire is to build on the land we have purchased on which to build permanent buildings for the school.

All the children did well last year and continue to value the privilege of an education. Some children have graduated and left both the school and Home, going to live with extended family members as they pursue there future goals. We will miss them and wish them well in their next adventure in life.


An AAI team comprising mostly members of Christian Family Centre Warragul and two other men from two different areas will be leaving Melbourne to firstly visit the Obbo community in South Sudan, then to Bweyale and Magere in Uganda and lastly will travel to South Nyanza in Kenya. Some members of the team will spend a few days visiting in Tanzania with Rev Consolate Muga.

And will be working on improvements at Mercy Home. Then the remainder of the team will visit with the children before leaving for home. For all this we thank God for without Him we can do nothing


Prayer is the key to everything we do. It is the way we keep our hearts in tune with the God who knows all. As He leads us, our fellowship with Him is strengthened. Jesus said that we will hear his voice, not a human voice but His spiritual voice speaking within our hearts revealing his will to us as we draw close to Him. By giving time to reading His words and waiting on Him in prayer we find his answers for all our need through the power of the Holy Spirit. The love of God is the answer to all human need. As I dig deep I find it welling up within healing and restoring my soul time after time!

Be blessed, Jean.


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