Exciting news from AAI Projects in Africa – Jim Hewett’s visit


Keep up with all the exciting developments and find out what can be accomplished during a short visit to the mission field! Jim and his friend Peter and Peter’s son Ben went with specific goals in mind.


– To build steps and do concreting around the Mercy Orphanage compound.

– Erect a water tank and guttering to provide showers for the girl’s dormitory.

– To consult  with the AAI lawyer to process legal work to ensure the security of present and future projects in Kenya.

– To source a suitable tractor in Kenya to be used on the 17 acres in Uganda in order to grow crops to raise much needed funds for the Upward
Academy School there.


– Jim to  continue alone to Uganda to conduct a teaching conference & mobile  medical clinic, and check on the progress of the school project
in Bweyale.

We commend Jim and his team for the great work that was accomplished during their visit!

John & Jean Leak.

My Kenya Report
Jim Hewett

Mercy Home

Mercy Compassionate Ministries, Uriri, South Nyanza District. Kenya

A team of three, myself, my friend Peter from Sydney and his son Ben stayed at the Mercy Children’s Home for just over a week. We worked alongside local labour to achieve some significant improvements to and around the home.

The finance for the improvements was provided from Sydney, Warrnambool and elsewhere. Some of the things that were installed were gutters for the girls dormitory, two water tanks & a metal stand, completion of four internal showers, an underground tank finished off and connected, cement pathways constructed with drainage gutters installed and two sets of steps were built.

Legal Work Commenced

We are now proceeding to form a legal entity registered in Kenya called “Mercy African Action Ltd’. Altogether we are to transfer five separate plots of land into this new Company which will be governed by a Board of Directors in Kenya.

This is a very significant step. Two of these lots we have agreed to purchase but are not yet paid for.

One is for the Mercy school to be able to plant and grow crops to raise financial support for the school, the other a plot of land on which a sugar cane crop is growing is to provide ongoing support for members of the Mercy Widow Group.

Total finance needed to accomplish the goal of acquiring these two new blocks of land is 1.75 million shillings or approximately $21,000 AU.

Consolate, the Founder and Director of MCM and the staff and children were all well. The children were studying hard and the home environment was a delight, positively impacting the two people from a Sydney local church who were visiting with me for the first time.

A few days later whilst in Nairobi, a 55 hp 1995, SAME tractor was bought for 500,00 Kenya shillings, $6,000 AU. Once serviced and with a set of harrows, a farm trailer and a 3 disc plough, the plan is to transport all this across to Uganda, up north to Bweyale to help the new school there begin to work the newly acquired 17 Acres of farm land.

My Uganda Report

Soon after our arrival an evangelistic outreach campaign was held near Ps Sula’s home at Magere Village. Over two days and nights 49 people gave their lives to Christ and sick people were healed in Jesus name. Some have returned to the church and the local pastor, Ps Samuel is now following them up with visits and bible teaching.  We thank God for His blessings!

I discussed with Ps Sula later about the prospects of further outreaches in far north Uganda, and asked him if he would prepare a budget of costs for such events; possibly linking a day or two for a leaders seminar along with the campaign in the area, and some follow up teaching for new believers and the opportunity to begin a new local church. We discussed the need to purchase a truck for transportation of supplies and equipment which can also be used commercially to raise funds for running costs and other project objectives.

The New land of 17 acres, just paid for, is situated right next to the Upward Academy School site. The plan is to plant 6 acres of this land into a maize crop by end of August to be ready for harvesting by Dec /Jan 2013. Costs for this would be approx $1000 US, to hire a tractor, plough, & plant seed, weed twice and pick the crop. Income from this is unknown but will be a critical support for the proposed school commencement date of Feb. 1st 2013 .

Plans to open the School in 2013

This is now the pinnacle of several years of faith, patience, persistence and giving. We discussed how realistic it might be to open the school Feb 1st 2013. Could we do it? We are assured that all could be ready, with issues like hiring teachers, registrations, paperwork etc, yet more needs to be done, listed below.

A Budget was prepared regarding both the commencement costs and year one operating costs.

– In order to meet mandatory requirements for commencing we need to provide some basic accommodation on site for the four teaching staff.   A kitchen and toilets.

Estimated cost 65 million Ugandan Shillings, [or approx $28,000 AU].

– Plan to extend the small existing toilet block for the student use:- $2,000 AU

– To modify an existing spare classroom and convert it to the administration area. Cost $1,000 AU.

– Finance for Library books would be useful as well.

To be able to proceed with the above Uganda project we will need to receive an estimated total of $30,000 AU by the end of October 2012.

It was felt we needed to ‘guarantee’ the first year of trading to help the School to assure its financial position through its ‘fee structure’, plus the profits from the harvested crops from the new land. This has been arranged already in anticipation of the school proceeding as planned.

Upward Academy will attempt to register 200 students from Years 1-4 Primary Level.

All this can be done very soon subject to finance and presents a very exciting fulfilment of vision and the beginning of a very significant development in this needy community.

A major motivation & priority for us is the need of education for deaf children in this area.


Can You Help?

By Holding a Dinner or Special Event, Feature an AAI Speaker, Personal Donations.

Teaching Conference

 A three day ministry/teaching conference was also held using the existing school facilities in Bweyale. Persons staying on site were 72, altogether 76 Pastors attended. Total numbers, 166 at any one session. This was a very important time together and likely to continue to grow in the years ahead. I visited the Kiryandongo Hospital nearby and the Mobile Safeway Clinic being held in a village some 30 km west of the town. Sister Betty Sula and her team of three did a magnificent job caring for over 560 patients in 3 days and no doubt saved lives. We were informed that the previous mobile clinic in May had saved the lives of a number of people.

Summing Up

Overall this was a very successful trip.

As a result we are challenged once again with the needs as presented above. Whether its the new land in Kenya, machinery purchases, the final stage to commence the new school in Bweyale , the un-sponsored children that exist on our list, support for the ministers and their families, supporting the church planting evangelism plans , the truck purchase ….

Whatever stirs in your heart, I encourage you to continue to be a part of this exciting developing holistic vision for Kenya and Uganda.

Priorities do exist amongst these needs, so please consider these timely objectives.

What a testimony it will be to celebrate the opening of the School at Bweyale in Feb 1 2013.


Can you assist?

Any further questions can be directed to Jim Hewett jim.hewett@bigpond.com or on 0427001470

Together in serving the King,

Jim Hewett
AAI Board/Project Manager.




– TRACTOR PURCHASE  =  $6,000  (plus transport to Uganda)

– MAIZE CROP ON 6 ACRES  =   $1,000




Click here to go to the photo gallery of Jim’s trip and see all the work that was accomplished!





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