Project Update – Building a school in Northern Uganda

Building a Strategic school in Northern Uganda

In 2009 Ugandan Co-ordinator, Sunday Sula Lasa, visited Australia to report on the work of AAI in that country.  In discussions with him the Australian Directors heard of his desire to provide education for deaf children in the rural area of Bweyale, in the north of the country.  Lack of adequate provision for children affected by hearing problems often prohibits them from gaining an education or being accepted by society.

During Sula’s stay with us the first donation came in for the purpose of building a school. Since that time donations for this project have continued to be sent in by our visionary supporters. It was decided to build a school that would educate deaf children while integrating them with hearing children, beginning with primary schooling and working toward the development of a secondary school.

To this end, 14 acres of land was acquired adjoining the position of the Gospel Hope Church in Bweyale. The initial primary school building is now complete with doors and windows fitted and painted. Plans are now in hand to build the required Admin/Teacher facility to facilitate the opening of the school in 2013.

Upward Academy – Bweyale

 17 acres of new land


After an inquiry about the availability of more land near the present school property from Pastor John Leak, Pastor Sula informed us that an adjoining 17 acre section of land was available for purchase. It was decided to commit to the purchase this land for the purpose of providing on-going financial support for future costs and the development and running of the school. It is planned to grow cash crops for the local market.

Although buying the land has delayed the opening of theschool for another year, it was felt that purchasing now was prudent as the cost of land in the district was rising rapidly. The final payment has been forwarded. Some funds are needed to repay a loan which was offered enabling the completion of the transaction.

The total of 31 acres to be used for the development and support of the school will be a blessing to many families, children and youth in Northern Uganda. For this we give thanks.


Mercy Compassionate Ministries, Uriri.

Mercy Children’s Home is managed by a dedicated team under the leadership of Rev Consolate Aluoch Muga. Her son Peter Muga is General Manager, his capable assistant manager is Stephen Ochieng. Stephen  is a committed worker in the home and in charge of horticulture and agriculture. Beatrice is the social worker, Elizabeth is the Matron, and Eunice is the cook.  The farm produces food crops, which ensure a healthy diet. The cow, Michelle Obama, is providing fresh milk each day.

The Mercy Widow Group faithfully support the home in housekeeping and food preparation.

Elizabeth – Matron at Mercy

Eunice – Cook at Mercy


The school is located on the same block as the home and farm. It educates close to 400 students accommodated in ten corrugated iron classrooms with fifteen teachers on Staff. While we were at Mercy a bicycle was purchased for the school principal, whom we found was walking to school some ten kilometers each day.

We were impressed by the eagerness and commitment of students and staff alike to see Mercy Academy provide excellence in educational subjects, Christian studies and lifestyle.

We found all the children well and in good spirits. We visited them at school at their studies and also from early morning to bed time in the home.  This is always a very uplifting experience as these children are so beautiful, each in their own special way. Hearing the singing and bible reading and prayers in the evenings is very touching experience.

We met with the teaching staff as each one shared what their duties are. We were each presented with plaques made from soapstone from Kisii. Jean expressed to the teachers her desire to see the children have the opportunity to express themselves in art works. The teachers are willing to co-operate in this, the problem as always is the finance needed for art supplies. To this end, Jean is seeking financial support for this to begin in 2012.

Students showing their art work

Happy students in class

AAI Sponsorship contributes toward food and schooling, transforming their lives.

New land adjoining Mercy Home was purchased some time ago as a place to build a permanent school separate from the children’s home, another adjoining plot of land is now for sale which we would like to also purchase. We are eager to assist Mercy Ministries become more self sustaining and viable long term.  Your thoughts are most welcome on creative ways this may happen.

Mercy is an awesome place. It is always a privilege to share with the children and staff .

Thank you for your support.  If you would like to donate to African Action International, we accept direct deposit payments. See our banking details below.

BSB 063530 Account No:-1028 6392.

AAI is partnering with Global Development Group, an Australian Government Authorized Tax Deductible Organisation.  If you would like a receipt for your donation, or would like to give to something specific, please contact us via our contact page.  Thank you for your generosity.


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