Helen Crother’s report after leaving Africa 31st May, 2012

Helen and Gary Crother’s have just left Africa on a visit, they emailed us this report back. 

When we arrived in Uganda I made sure to visit all the families who have been helped through African Action.

John and his wife are still making mud bricks toward extending their two roomed home. The four children are as gorgeous as ever– Mary the youngest and formerly very shy was the great surprise to me. After an absence of two years, she came running flat out to hug me she was only 3 last time!! The children were thrilled to receive a piece of clothing I had taken for each of them.

Pr Sam & Mercy were thrilled to have us visit their new home, wow, what a blessing to a family with six children to now have their own place!

Also Pr Dan & Justine loved us visiting them in their new home and spending time – what an industrious man Dan is. His own garden is practically a nursery of fruiting trees and vegetables. He has planted seedling trees to distribute to the people in the local villages in order to encourage them to grow food for their own families. We were so thrilled to catch up with many other friends while we were there. All Beautiful families!

Up North we helped with the Mobile Medical Clinic. We were able to treat nearly four hundred people in two days, however there were still many more we were unable to treat. Another mobile clinic will be held at the same village in July with the next AAI Team so hopeful those who missed out will find help then. Much more could be done in this area if funds could be made available, there is so much need. I visited our friend who lost her husband in a tragic road accident. It was so good to spend some time listening and renewing our friendship. We really enjoyed our time with all the Ugandans. On arrival at Jomo Kenyatta Airport we experienced torrential rain. We travelled by car into Nairobi, which was quite frightening as it was nearly impossible to see. Our driver, Connie’s brother, was very careful, but there was a most terrible traffic jam!!! This meant we didn’t arrive at the Guest House until 8.45pm after a 3pm arrival!! Boy we were so tired by then!! (Later that evening all flights were diverted to Mombassa, we got there just in time!!)

Our travel down to South Nyanza to visit the children in Mercy Children’s Home on Thursday the 3rd May was without incident.  We were greeted at the drive by a many very excited children! Gary’s son and his sponsored child were very excited to meet each other which was so wonderful!

Distribution of Gifts

On Friday we laid out the clothing, shoes etc we brought along as gifts. We brought children in 5 at a time and allowed them choose a gift! It was very interesting to see how many chose pink thongs from Big W in Melbourne!!!! Even baby James “had” to have black & white striped thongs!!

Friday afternoon we photographed all the children for their sponsors interviewing each child.

Saturday we photographed and interviewed the children sponsored by AAI who live in the community.

Saturday night we were entertained with singing and dancing by the children, most enjoyable!

After church on Sunday we gave a scarf, plus an amount of finance to each of the Mercy widow group. They were all very grateful and expressed their thanks. One lady said she had been going to bed early as she had no paraffin for her hurricane lamp, so she would now be able to buy some paraffin, maize, sugar and tea & still have money over! It is such a blessing to be able to bless others! My stepson David was moved when they had given him a gift of five eggs from the children of one of widow Grandmothers, always so kind.

Gary & I were given a live chicken & a bag of avocados, (just the best I’ve ever eaten!!)

These are just a few highlights of our time in Kenya.

Helen and Gary also took a heap of wonderful photos that have been uploaded to African Action’s facebook page, you can view them all here…





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