AAI Team going to Uganda and Kenya 2011

September 20th, 2011

Three of the four members of the AAI Board are about to leave for Uganda and later Kenya on the 30th of September 2011. This trip is to visit our in country AAI Partners and see the work that has been accomplished over the last 17 months since we were last there. Excitement is building as the date of departure gets closer. God has been preparing our hearts and leading us by opening our minds to new possibilities. Doors into new areas are opening up and we know that God is revealing His plans to us. This gives us confidence to proceed prayerfully and carefully that we may fulfil all that He would have us do. We ask our friends and family to pray for us that we will have access into the areas where God is leading us. This includes Refugee Camps, Villages in remote areas and sharing the word of God in such a way that lives are blessed, bodies healed, and people set free.


Mercy is home to over 50 children. The actual number fluctuates as new children come and older children leave to make their own way in life. The original round house now has extensions for boys bedrooms, dining, & Kitchen. Now we are so pleased to announce that the new building for girls accommodation is nearing completion. It was roofed recently and Two members of AAI, Jim & Gael Brewster went over with their daughter Catherine for four weeks during August with funds raised by their friends and church members and they have organised the rendering of the outside of the 120′ building and the plastering of the inside rooms, they have painted inside and outside. This is an amazing feat and we praise God for their hard work and on top of this they also built two new classrooms for the school to accommodate the secondary students of the Mercy Academy.

Additional land has been purchased with the help of donors from Australia and it is envisaged that a school with permanent buildings will eventually replace the corrugated sheds which now house the school. All the children enjoy school and appreciate the opportunity to learn in a loving environment with teachers who really care for them.

Reverend Consolate Aluoch Muga is Mother to them all and her son Peter Muga is a very competent Manager for which we thank God. The children continue to win awards and impress with their contributions in various inter-school competitions. Congratulations children!

The big news is that the long awaited ‘POWER CONNECTION’ is now completed and the home and school now have light and energy for many purposes after many years of Kerosene Lamps and charcoal irons. Praise God! With Him all things are possible. Thank you to all our treasured friends who contributed sacrificially to this cause.


In Uganda the fourth village well has now been completed. Everywhere we have built a well there has been thanksgiving and rejoicing. Children often have to trudge for miles carrying heavy jerry-cans full of water for the family. Now they can attend school on a regular basis, this makes them very happy. Water is such an important commodity both for drinking and for washing so the mothers are also very grateful.

The UPWARD ACADEMY building at Bweyale is progressing but now awaiting funds toward completion. This school will cater for paying students in Secondary schooling which will bring in funds needed to support the section at the school which will educate children with hearing difficulties. These children are often cast aside by their families and some will need accommodation. There is much scope for those who wish to get involved in this project.

There are widows and children needing housing. So many needs in the refugee camps. At present we are seeking to assist a widow who lives in a round mud hut with collapsing grass roofing which lets in the flooding rains. It is in one of these camps and this lady is in need of surgery as well. The needs are great but our God is greater and as we serve these needy ones He sends us finance and helpers in amazing ways. How we need God in our lives! Recently we were able to help a widow near Kampala to begin a ‘chicken project’ to enable her to assist in her own survival and that of her children and the children of her dead sister. 9 children in all. Three nieces are sponsored but the widows own 6 children are not.

The Upward School building at Bweyale has had lightening rods fitted to protect the future students from the fierce electrical storms that pass this way. This year at a school in another District, 9 children died from a lightening bolt that hit their classroom and many were seriously injured. We are so thankful that this now cannot happen at our new school.

The Safe Way Medical Clinic in Kampala continues to serve the local community and also organises regular Mobile Clinics in remote areas. We are so thankful to the supervisor and nurse, Betty Sula and her staff and helpers for this compassionate ministry.

At our Project in Magere village a carpentry workshop has been built and two of the young men trained by Mr John Easton have continued with the Arrow Door project and are busy making doors and other useful items for people who are building new homes or renovating.

John & his wife Shirley are endeavouring to bring the older young man, Edward, to Australia for 3 months for more experience in the carpentry trade. Right now negotiations are in place to apply for a visa to enable this, prayers appreciated.

Our friends and AAI committee members John & Shirley have been to Uganda & Kenya twice before with AAI and greatly contribute to the success of AAI through their involvement in many areas of its work. Shirley as Secretary and John in his resourcefulness and skills in the building area as a project manager and all round good guy. As John & Shirley were returning from China recently, John collapsed during a brief stopover in Malaysia and spent a week recovering enough to be brought home to Australia. He was actually resuscitated on board the plane and as a result when back home he has undergone a quadruple by-pass operation and still very much in the recovery stage at home. We do ask that you pray for Johns recovery and strength for Shirley at this difficult time.

Jean is slowly gaining strength after surgery last year & chemo/radiation treatment for breast cancer earlier this year but is looking forward to accompanying John and Jim on this current trip. Without our supporters none of this could happen to a big thank you to all and a big invitation for others to join with us in this great work.


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