Update: 12 July 2009

Greetings to everyone we have received another report of the work going on in Northern Uganda. The well is on it’s last dig before they should reach water.  This will be an amazing blessing for the village.  The whole rock that was hit while digging has been removed.  They have hit wet soil so this is a very good sign.  Pastor Dan has visited a village deep in the jungle and has come across more need.  These people can only be reached on motorcyle or foot and even then sometimes motorcyles can not access them.  Here the people and livestock share the same water source.  They have lost hope and have been told that a well is not possible.  They have little access to water and many families rely on milk instead of water.  The dirty water that is found in some places is shared between livestock and people.

The family that was first contacted has greatly improved and the children are back in school and the unhealed sores have healed.  They find it amazing that there are people in Australia who care for them.  We have provided some clothing for the children and parents.

Please search your hearts and support us in our endeavours to bring life to these people and many others, showing them the love of God.

John and Jean Leak.

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