June 16th 2010 The picture of poverty

We met a boy named Jonathon while staying in Northern Uganda. We were told his mother had died recently leaving two children, Jonathon and his baby sister. They were living with their grandmother who lives with a group of other destitute relatives. Our team all went to their dwelling and found such need! They invited us to sit with them, they were delighted to have their photo’s taken. We noticed that all the children had distended stomachs owing to mass infestation with parasites.

The mother of Jonathon had died around the age of 32 years. They asked us to visit her grave, which was nearby, we walked through the long grass and prayed for the family as we stood together around the mothers grave. It seemed to encourage them that someone from afar had come to support them. AAI can assist this family and others like them with help from our friends in Australia, who by comparison are Millionaires.


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