African Action International 2010 Update

July 25th, 2010

Dear Friends of African Action International,

Our visiting mission team had a great visit to Uganda and Kenya this year during March & April. Our team began with eight people in Uganda building up to ten, then another couple joined us in Kenya, and yet another family visited the children at Mercy Children’s Home as we were leaving Nairobi.
All the first time visitors were overwhelmed at the magnitude of the work that is being done and the many lives that have been transformed, those who had been with us previously and ourselves were also impacted by the quality of work that our partners are doing in Uganda and Kenya.

The team were very impressed with what God is doing and the development of new initiatives such as the ‘Clean Water Project’. The well at Kakwokwo now has water in it after a slow start, and a new ‘Rope pump’ system has been installed on top of the well with the expertise of a friend from Geelong. This man later met with Sula at our project area in Northern Uganda, and taught the men in the village how to produce the pumps and provide employment for men in village areas and to in order sell them, as a way to raise funds locally for the work.

We have completed the first stage of the School for the Deaf. The building is now roofed and is 220 feet long by 30 feet wide!!! We hope to begin the school by next year but still a way to go to finish and equip it before we can!! God is our provider.
The children in the Mercy Children’s Home in Kenya continues to flourish with over 50 children residing and 186 registered in the school begun in January 2008.
We are still struggling to put a roof on the new building at Mercy. When completed it will ease the congestion and crowding for the children.

Our commitment to minister to those unfortunate enough to be waiting for treatment in Uganda Public Hospitals continues. A team visit patients every week taking small food stuffs and offering prayer, sharing the Gospel and bringing people to the Lord. The team also make phone calls for patients and buy medications for them. This is much appreciated and we believe this is the work Jesus would have us to do. During our visit to Northern Uganda for the Easter Conference our team, led by Sister Betty Sula held two mobile medical clinics. One was in the new school building at Bweyale, another in a village called Kibibira. At these clinics dozens of mothers with babies and children plus youth and men came for consultation and medication to ease their fevers, pain and illness. Diseases such as malaria, typhoid, infections and viruses. The Australian team worked side by side with our Uganda partners in primitive conditions and heat to bring relief to many. Over three hundred patients were seen over those few days up north.
27 adult students graduated from a 2 year study course. Also held in Kibibira village. We were the first ‘whites’ to visit the village and we also held a mobile medical clinic and many were helped. Over 350 people were treated over two days. The medical Clinic run by Sula’s wife Betty still continues to meet the needs of the sick in Magere village and surrounding areas. More medicines are needed this month. We praise God for His provision for His work. God is Good and has never let us down. He is able.

Finance has been invested in a number of new ventures to enable AAI in Uganda to establish new businesses as a means of support within the country. It must be our aim to make our work their as self sustaining as it is possible to do. To this end two fund raising projects are already in the preparation stages. One is hiring our a large tent and 200 chairs for function. The second is manufacturing ‘Rope Pumps’.


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